Floods and Us !!

Every year Mumbai monsoon brings flooding and more potholes to many parts of the city. Though the dreaminess of Mumbai rains is often shown in movies but in reality it is quite depressing because of traffic jams, water logging and potholes.

Mumbaikars experience this inconvenience almost every year. There is no proper infrastructure to avoid water logging. There are many manholes on roads which are highly dangerous of citizens. Trees and walls are collapsing taking lives of many innocents. The drainage system of Mumbai is centuries-old. It drains the rainwater through outfalls into the sea and the city’s Mithi river, but these outfalls get blocked when high tides coincide with heavy rain.

We can go on and on, finding reasons for the misery , we can choose to continue pointing fingers at BMC. However, have we thought what we could have done differently to avoid this general chaos. Dont you think we could fix a few things ourselves.

  • The first and most important thing we should to do is to avoid plastic. Doing so there will less dump waste and drainage system can work according to its capacity.
  • Given the situation of water-shortage in various states in country, We should introduce the concept of water storage in every home. In this way we will prepare for future crisis as well as can avoid current outcomes.
  • Climate change is the main reason of heavy rainfalls in the country. It is our responsibility as a global citizen to protect our planet. Plant more trees, Use energy sources wisely, Consume less and waste less. Most important is create awareness and educate others about global warming.

Do your bit for world and things can change massively.

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