“Alexa” is teaching in rural population in India.

The Warud School belonging to Amravati Municipal Corporation’s (AMC) is using Alexa to teach its students. The Amazon’s voice assistant is slowly becoming popular among the rural population in India.

The surge in usage has come after it upgraded its software, with an Indian accent. The students at Warud School ask her questions across topics and subjects, and she promptly responds. Not only this she also recites poems with them and other activities around vocal activities.

The school has make the “Alexa” is a visual treat also. The school has a
mannequin for Alexa dressed in jeans and sweaters, wearing glasses. Children also bring things from home to decorate their “teacher”.

Alexa is a hit because it repeats and teaches multiple times, children learn without fear of judgment. “Most of our students are from nearby slum and they are excited that a robot is in their classroom,” said a faculty member .

The other benefit of Alexa is that it can help attract students to School. This is can do wonders to numbers.

The ed-tech startup Learning Matters has also introduced its own Alexa named ‘Tara’ for school education in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Indian consumers have been increasingly using voice assistants. A third of the online population in India is considering to have a smart speaker device this year, according to a survey from Accenture.

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