Movie Review – Kabir Singh

Review by Rishi Kapoor

Kabir Singh – A man who is on a mission of self -destruction… A doctor by profession with short temper ready to fight and an alcoholic , drug addict ( drugs occasionally ) by choice .. Ya that’s sums up the love story of this doctor ..

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, remaking his Telugu hit Arjun Reddy, story of an academically brilliant medical student Kabir (Shahid Kapoor) who goes on to become an orthopaedic surgeon, but suffers from severe anger management problems, to the point of getting possessed with anger and getting violent and destructive. This dr. falls in love with  Preeti (Kiara Advani), who has just joined the medical college and then looses her by intermission which leads to more issues in his life.

Shahid Kapoor was brilliant, a nuanced performance, inclusive of all the excesses his character is guilty of, Shahid makes them look real, even though in reality they may seem unrealistic. His pain, anger, obsession, caring and even self-destruction appear raw and real. Kaira plays a quiet and timid girl, who understands his obsessive love and gradually falls deeply in love with him. She exercises restraint and delivers a strong performance ( much towards the end ) that leaves an impact. Good acting by Soham Majumdar, who plays Kabir’s unrequited best friend Shiva and the sole voice of reason in this film.

The supporting cast in Kabir Singh has very little to do except cater to this man’s whims and fancies. Arjan Bajwa plays Kabir’s elder brother Karan in a short but memorable role. Suresh Oberoi as Kabir’s father and Kamini Kaushal as his grandmother, like the rest of the supporting cast, have little to do in Kabir Singh.

The music of the film is outstanding and syncs well with the story .

The problem with the movie is the length which I am sure could have been easily edited by 30 odd mins making it more crisp and then the cliché climax , I know we all love movies that ends well but an extreme ending / alternate ending would have made better impact ( that’s my view).

Overall it’s a good one time watch.

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