Movie Review – Bharat

Review by Rishi Kapoor

An official remake of Superhit Korean movie “Ode to his father ” has been recreated well by Ali , while adapting the plot to the Indian context. He has kept the essence of the plot intact.. This movie is not a typical Salman entertainer but it will also give you right dose of action, romance, drama and definitely, comedy.

An Eid blockbuster for Salman’s fans. ‘Bharat’ grows through the narrative which begins with partition and its repercussions on the people of the country. How a line between Hindustan and Pakistan had its impact upon the common man and his familial ties.The whole premise of the ‘Bharat’, the film is built on this one promise ( to take care of his family and he will be back ) which a father (Jacky shroff ) makes to his son.

Salman as Bharat tries to keep his family together in all times of crises.As Bharat’s story runs parallel to that of independent India’s, momentous events in history get referenced — Nehru’s death, Amitabh Bachchan’s rise, India winning its first cricket World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan emerging as superstars the nation looked up to. Even India’s liberalisation and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh get a postscript.

Disha patani is only on screen for few scenes and slow motion song.Other than Salman, Katrina and Sunil, everyone gets half-baked roles and are expected to sleep-walk through the film. Actors as talented as Tabu, Sonali and Kumud Mishra are on the periphery with nothing much to do. Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ actor Aasif Sheikh fits in his super comic style and his timing is just perfect. Although we wish he got a little more screen time. Veteran actor Satish Kaushik is seen in a cameo yet he manages to tickle the funny bones like a pro. Vilayati, played excellently by Grover, is a Muslim.

Salman Khan tries his best to play his various avatars starting from 20s till 70s. Kaif makes the most of her role, as the feisty Kumum aka ‘Madam-Sir’ who comes into Bharat’s life, and who stays on, for the most part, without, gulp, either mandap or mangalsutra.

The good thing about the film, despite its eye-roll moments, is its attempt to create an ‘ordinary’ man without any particular skills. And the underlining of a nation which belongs to us all.

Overall it’s a good one time watch movie, Another blockbuster for sallu’s fan.

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