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Germany’s fight against climate change.

A German government commision has said that Germany, one of the world’s biggest consumers of coal, will shut down all 84 of its coal-fired power plants over the next 19 years to meet its international commitments in the fight against climate change.

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Life on Mars? Nasa finds a new evidence

The scientisis from Nasa have discovered high amount of methane on Mar’s surface. The high amount could indicate life on the Red planet. The discovery was made by Nasa’s Curiousity Rover. Although the gas can be generated by geological processes much of it is released by micro-organisms known as methanogens, some of which live in the guts of certain mammals.

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12 Panchayats in Jind unite to motivate students

12 village panchayats in Jind district in Haryana, have combined resources to gift smart tablets to govt, school students who have done well in the recently conducted Class X and XII exams. This year in Jind the government school students have done better compared to their counter parts studying in private schools The village panchayats involved in the initiative —

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