Gurudwara in Dubai hosts Iftar daily during Ramadan

Based on inputs by Shaily kapil kalra

The only Sikh temple in UAE hosts Fftar for workers throughout the month of upcoming Ramadan. This is as per the announced made by chairman Surender Singh Kandhari of the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara, after an official ceremony marking Baisakhi, the Sikh New Year. This event was then attended by top officials of Dubai’s Community Development Authority (CDA).

The Gurudwara had been hosting one iftar during every Ramadan in the past six years, however this year it is offering Iftar meals to workers everyday in the area.

“There are a lot of Muslim workers in this area. There are not many places from where they can break their fast. We will invite these workers to have iftar from our Gurudwara.”. Surender Singh said the free vegetarian meal (langar) is offered to every visitor in the Gurudwara irrespective of their background, the same meal is offered to those visiting to break the fast also.

“We have added dates, fruits, rose milk, buttermilk, and some Indian snacks like pakora, samosa etc also for them. We are hosting around 100 to 200 believers every day during Ramadan,” He added .

“This year is very important for us here in the UAE. It is the Year of Tolerance for the UAE, 550th Year of Guru Nanak’s birth anniversary, 150th year of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, 320th year of the birth of Khalsa Panth, and 100th year of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre which happened on a Baisakhi. Keeping all these in mind, we celebrated Baisakhi to send across the message of love, peace, humanity and tolerance,” said Kandhari.

Ahmed Abdul Karim Julfar, director general of the CDA, appreciated what the Sikh community has done for Dubai especially in spreading the message of tolerance. “This is one way of coming together to see something that really helps in sending the message of tolerance to other communities,” he said. .

Earlier this year, Tens of thousands of Sikhs visited the Gurudwara to celebrate Baisakhi . Kandhari said the Gurudwara offered langar to around 50,000 visitors on Friday. “Several thousands of them were believers of other faiths,” he said.

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