2019 sees highest voter turnout

Recently concluded Lok sabha elections witnessed highest ever voting, the voter turnout was marked at 67.11% across 542 constituencies . This was 1.16% higher than the 65.95% recorded turnout in 2014

The final overall turnout for all 543 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 was 66.4%, which too is lower than the polling figure for 542 seats in 2019. Before 2019, the highest ever poll percentage recorded in a parliamentary election was in 2014.

The highest increase in the turnout between 2014 and 2019 was in Madhya Pradesh (71.2% from 61.6%, a jump of 9.6%), followed by Himachal Pradesh (71.5% from 64.5%).

Lakshadweep recorded the highest turnout at 85% in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, followed by North-eastern states of Tripura (83.2%), Nagaland (83.1%) and Manipur (82.7%). Only two states recorded sub-60% turnouts – Bihar 58.1% and UP a slightly higher 59.6%.

In terms of state wise voter turnout, the polling percentage was higher in 18 states/UTs and lower in 16 states/UTs compared with 2014. The comparative figures for Telangana and Andhra were not available as the former came into existence only after the last Lok Sabha polls and the 2014 turnout figures pertain to a pre-divided Andhra.

As per the EC official, the figure could be subject to revision after re-polling is completed.

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