Review – De De Pyaar De

Movie Review By – Rishi kapoor

A nice fun film from Luv Ranjan’s stable , one filmmaker who has made some hilarious movies in the past and this time as a writer – producer has deliver another winner.

Directed by debutant Akiv Ali movie advocates various “modern-day” aspects of relationships that have traditionally been frowned upon: live-in, divorce and a sizeable age gap.

Story which is simple revolves around Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn) a 50-year-old NRI businessman settled in London who falls in love with 26-year-old Aisha Khurana (Rakul Preet), an engineering student who bartends on the weekends. On a whim, he decides to visit his family settled in Manali. When he introduces her to his two children — primarily his ex-wife Manju Rao (Tabu), whom he has separated from 18 years ago — they indicate that Aisha is unwelcome. Of course, Ashish and Aisha continue to live with the Mehra family for a bit under a false pretext. And, that’s when the real drama begins.

The movie do have it’s fun moments and at the same time have real drama. Ajay is just his age playing a serious role , Tabu, on the other hand, is the hero here. The best scene in the film — the one where she explains to her family how Ajay alone isn’t at fault — gives her character a taller dimension. Rakul is just a distraction; pretty as a picture, she fails to display the shades needed for an actress caught in a complex romantic situation. Javed Jafferry , Jimmy shergill and alok nath in cameo’s are really good.

The movie is little dramatic in the 2nd half with some over the top dramatic scene .While Luv’s writing is good the debutant director could have been better.

The movie ends with a possibility of a sequel which I guess will be a good idea. Overall the movie is a good one time watch

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