NPPA cuts cost of 9 anti cancer drugs by upto 87%

NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) has cut down prices to upto 87% for many anti-cancer drugs. This has come as a big help to cancer patients and their families.

After reviewing the data from manufacturers, the The drugs price control authority brought nine anti-cancer drugs including commonly used Chemotherapy injection under its price control framework.

The MRP of chemotherapy injection Pemetrexed (500mg), sold under the brand name Pemxcel and used to treat lung cancer, has come down from Rs 22,000 to Rs 2,800. A 100mg dose of the same injection will now cost Rs 800 against Rs 7,700 now. The retail price of another common chemo drug Epirubicin (brand name Epichlor), will now cost Rs 276.8 for a 10mg injection compared to Rs 561 and Rs 960 for a 50mg injection against Rs 2,662.

The price of erlotinib tablets, sold as Erlotaz, will cost Rs 1,840 for a pack of 10 of 100mg strength, against the old price of Rs 6,600, and Rs 2,400 for a 10-tablet pack of 150mg power against the old price of Rs 8,800 . On similar lines the price of everolimus (brand name Lanolimus) of strengths 0.25mg and 0.5mg have been brought down to Rs 406 and Rs 739 from Rs 726 and Rs 1,452 respectively. The price of leuprolide acetate hormonal therapy (brand name Leuprogon Depot), commonly administered to cancer patients, has come down from Rs 2,650 to Rs 3,990

“Most of these are commonly used in many cancer therapies. The cost cut will be extremely beneficial to patients, specially those who spend out of their pocket, “said Apollo Specialty Hospital senior oncologist Dr. T. Raja.

NPPA is an independent body of experts under the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers that monitors and controls drugs prices in India.

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