Review – Avengers Endgame

Review by Rishi Kapoor

If the Russo brothers had set a benchmark with Avengers Infinity War, they have pushed the envelope further with Endgame.

The premise is simple that focuses on the aftermath of Thanos snap has left a gracing impact on the surviving Avengers. They team up to take one final stand against the Mad Titan.

The script and crisp editing are the actual superheroes of this much-awaited flick. Chris Evans and Robert Downey JR bring some of their best performances yet as Captain America and Iron Man. The two have been the faces of the franchise for over a decade and each of them had a story arc that was bittersweet and emotional.

Surprise standouts of the film were Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd, each brought an elevated sense of emotion and heart to the story and kept it grounded even when the stakes were universal. Scarlett Johansson also brought her best performance to date as Black Widow.

Overstuffed though it may be, “Endgame” is guided by a sure sense of what audiences want, including clever callbacks to previous movies, surprising character combinations and loopy bits like Evans, confronted with a Captain America Look alike , admiring his own spectacular butt. I was not surprised by the funny moments considering its part of MCU.

Overall the movie was thrilling , satisfying and bittersweet which lead to the conclusion of 22 films interlinked saga and stands out as a fantastic film franchise.

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