Modi and mandir

As we get on with first phase of elections, I am back to sharing my views, this time on a person who you can love or hate but who you definitely cannot ignore. This article is not meant to “brain wash” people, but it is an an attempt to make you look at some issues “differently”.

I am sure most of us will acknowledge the fact that Modi could have won this election hands down if he would have taken steps to construct the Ram Mandir. It was easy, he needed to go against Supreme court and bring an ordinance for the same. He had reasons to do so, because Supreme court was in no hurry to resolve the issue. The Kumbh mela had witnessed presence of crores of Hindus, and Ram mandir as the topic of discussions. All who mattered were applying pressure on the government, RSS, Shiva Sena, VHP had started voicing their opinion. Some even warning that the impact would be seen in the upcoming elections. Any action towards construction of the temple would have pacified everyone. He had the majority in Lok Sabha, and even though the Rajya Sabha could be a bottle neck, no party would have opposed it there. Opposition would have cribbed on Government not respecting the Supreme court, democracy in danger etc. but that would have been a small cost in return of a guarantee of getting back to power. The mandir would have kept all issues aside, absolutely nothing would have come up as a hurdle enroute to victory. It would have been a master stroke. But have we given a thought to why this was not done?

Lets look at what prevented Modi from cashing on the golden opportunity inspite of getting mocked by opposition for not fulfilling the promise, people called him Jumle baaz, RSS started looking for alternatives and lastly the dissent from within the party as well. The man stood his ground and resisted one and all.

One of the reasons for offering resistance is that he did not want to dishonour the supreme court, and challenge its position and importance in Indian Democracy. He had clearly said in his interview to ANI that “We want the issue to be solved within the framework of Constitution. The ordinance on Ram Mandir can arise only after legal process gets over and Supreme Court gives its verdict. “. Please note that the ordinance on triple talaq was brought after the verdict of Supreme Court.

Secondly, Prime Minister Modi did not want to alienate Muslims of the country. The efforts for gaining their confidence would have gone waste and the policy of “Sabka saath sabka vikas” would have reduced to just words. He knows that a divided India can not progress at the rate he envisages. Contrary to the popular belief, Modi is not anti Muslim and wants to bring together every citizen of India, on the path to progress. I would also like to add something that people do no know about, Modi’s entire childhood was spent in a Muslim neighbourhood and his friendships with his Muslim friends from that time have continued till date. The image of Modi, projected as “anti Muslim” , by media and opposition, helps both . It brings TRP for one and creates confusion for the benefit of other.

BJP wants to build the temple for sure, they could have had a cake walk in these elections, by just starting the construction. This decision will surely impact their prospects in the coming elections. However from my perspective this is story of a man who put country first, who is not power hungry.

We need to remember he showed similar resolve, when he was up against the Patel community who were asking for reservation during Gujrat elections. Congress gained ground there, but that wouldn’t have happened if he would have just agreed to their demands. Why he didn’t do it was simple, he did not want to start a precedence where people can blackmail or force a government into submission, even at cost of losing elections.

All those who are reading this line, have read whatever I have put across earlier, and the fact that they have not closed the article till now means, that i have been able to get my point across. Please ponder over this and see if the above text makes some change in your outlook.

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