Two sides of our Hindustani coin.

Article by Shilpa Nadkarni

I was feeling extremely heavy since a couple of days. Repeatedly, listening and reading heavy words like Terrorism, Home grown so called terrorist, High alerts, stone pelters and so on…

Last week, while returning home, as per my daily schedule, in a heavily crowded Mumbai’s local train, with no place to move, standing on the toes, balancing myself with two fingers of my hand, which could grab one handle over two three heads, I heard a sharp and loud voice saying ‘Soni aankhei khol, Soni Pani peele’. I could only turn my head to check who was it, but all in vain, I couldn’t see who the lady was but suddenly on the other corner of the train, which was clearly visible to me, I noticed a lady in Burkha had almost fainted and collapsed. Only then I realized why was the voice so loud and sharp, must be Soni’s friend or relative stuck at another corner of the crowded train.

Before a blink of an eye, I noticed another lady, I must mention here ‘WEARING BINDI’ unwrapped the Burkha of the lady who had collapsed, tapped water on her head, made her drink some water. In the meanwhile, I noticed another four hands holding chocolates and toffees for the fainted lady, and all this for an unknown Soni. The real story rolled like a reel from front of my eyes and I got down at my destination from the crowded train.

The entire real reel pushed me to think where was the religion, caste and creed? Where are the so called home grown terrorists? Who is creating the differences and gaining out of it? In reality, all I could see was only “Insaniyat” – HUMANITY.

What do WE as citizens of this large nation expect in our day today lives – our and our family’s safety foremost, bread and butter, a peaceful life, basically jio aur jeene do…isn’t it?


Article written by Shilpa Nadkarni


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