Facebook uses AI to remove 1 million accounts a day

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

Facebook India’s Managing Director and Vice President Ajit Mohan has confirmed that Facebook is using Artificial intelligence to remove or block about 1 million accounts each day. The Facebook is taking action to ensure that 2019 Lok Sabha elections are “fair and free” from both foreign and domestic interference.

Facebook plans to activate new regional operations centres, that will focus on this initiative. These will be based in Singapore and Dublin and the teams will comprise of engineers, operations specialists and data
scientists. The team will work with local experts in Delhi and staff based in CA. In his blogpost Mohan wrote “This structure helps strengthen our global coordination and speed our response times, adding another layer of defence against false news, misinformation, hate speech and voter suppression,” .

He also mentioned that Facebook has got better at using artificial intelligence and machine learning to fight interference to identify abusive or violating content, quickly locate it across the platform and remove it in bulk, impacting its ability to spread.

He also said that Facebook has expanded its partnerships with third­ party fact­ checkers to seven accredited organisations in India. These groups
cover eight of the most spoken languages — English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Gujarati — and Facebook
is looking to add more. “In a country largely driven by local and community news, we knew it was critical to have fact­ checking partners who could review content across regions and languages,” he wrote.

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