Perfectionist I’m not – poem by Shaily kapil kalra

Poem by Shaily Kapil Kalra

I’m just a being
Normal that I am
I don’t fit into this world
Perfectionist that I’m not

I have two eyes
Like you
Two ears that hear
And a crazy nose
That does not poke

But in this critic world
The world that seems
So perfect indeed
They try to put me too
in the same track of choo
Yes, still right
I’m not a perfectionist

In this creepy
Sadist world
When all forgot to laugh
I laugh like a kid
they say oh
don’t laugh like this
It seems u are crying
Tears within.
Oh! Perfectionist I’m not

I’m just a being
A human indeed
Who does not
Fits Into this
So…. called world

This World is full of machine
I’m just a being
Human indeed
I admit ….
I’m not a perfectionist
I don’t want to be
I love the way I am….

Believe me,No one is perfect
Even those who claim to be
I laugh at them

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