Kerala uses QR code Upcoming Elections

The district administration in Kasaragod, Kerala, has introduced a mobile application that would help officials and voters to locate their polling booth, for upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The application ‘BoothlocateKSD’, is an android app and can be downloaded on any android phone from Google Playstore. This app uses QR (Quick Response Code) provided or Unique Identification Number from your Aadhar card to locate the booth.

The app gives details of location of the booth. It can also use Google Maps app from android application to help voters find their booth accurately. It uses GPS technology to find it.

It is for the first time that Indian elections are using QR technology to identify polling booths. The QR code designed for each booth is also available on the website of the district collector. The collector said that this will also help officials including observers from other states to locate the booth and conduct flash visits without notice.

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