let some count the dead.

I had to write this. I needed to vent out. Something was pinching me deep inside. I really hope by the time I end typing this I will be at peace .

The IAF (Indian Air Force) strikes on Pakistan are being questioned. The IAF is being ridiculed. All this to an extent that Air Chief Marshall BS Dhanoa had to make an effort to try and convince our leaders that the attack was not symbolic or they had not gone to raze trees. The voice was sharp and his statement confident, but one could see the pain he was holding inside. He, who is proud of his team, was having to prove his team’s merit.

Our “innocent”, “ignorant”,”simpleton” politicians, and rather uneducated ones do not understand that the Air strikes are not street brawls that are unplanned, where you simply try to land blows and there is no calculation involved. When IAF strikes with Precision-guided weapons and sensors like the Litening Targeting pod they know much in advance what to hit when to hit and how much damage it would cause. A lot of preparation is done accompanied with days of meticulous planning. The strikes had to be precise so as to prevent any harm to civilians, remember this was to be represented to the world as “Intelligence-led, non-military, preemptive action”. Having said this, there are jokers who have the audacity to question capability of our Air force to hit the targets (trust the technology for God sake). Our “comedian” and a true friend asks whether the air force had gone to uproot terrorists or trees.

How many died?

What an intelligent question to ask!! Govt says 250 -300 or 300- 350, and we with our freedom to speech and our undying hunger for truth want precise numbers. If you ask me, do I care for numbers, I dont, because for me it was more important to know that some hard hitting action was taken, and a training camp that was identified by US intelligence more than a decade ago, no longer exists. A terror factory is decimated, and I am pretty sure it was not vacant. Any factory has to have its “raw” material inside it, so terror factory must also be keeping its stock. We killed the assembly line of products that could cause harm to our country.

Now that people have asked questions on numbers, the same set of people have chosen not to listen to answers, the reason being that the answers will prove a point. A point that will kill the confusion, a point that will help politically, a point that might curb the pride that we have had on our forces, a point that might be BJP’s gain in upcoming elections.


Before the IAF carried out airstrike to eliminate a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) training camp in Balakot, the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) revealed that there were 300 active mobile connections in the terror outfit’s training facility in Balakot. NTRO also added that the number of active targets was corroborated by other Indian intelligence agencies as well and they had given inputs to suggest the same number of operatives in JeM’s terror camp.

In an audio message, Maulana Ammar, the brother of JeM founder Masood Azhar admitted that the Balakot camp run by Azhar’s brother in law was targeted.

As I had mentioned in my FB post a few days back, it could have been easier for the proof seekers to apply some brain instead of expecting govt. officials, or cabinet to count the number of terrorists killed, or expecting IAF to bombard and then land, count and fly back.. or worse still expecting army to go in 80 km and count and come back .

Is there a bigger picture?

I was looking at the news papers, and they were flooded with news of politicians and intellectuals questioning government on the strikes, especially the count. There was digital media with its set of debates where people were calling names to each other, people questioning nationalism of ex brigadier, anchor questioning the patriotism of the people asking questions on strikes and getting headlines in Pakistani newspapers.

What I failed to understand then was why the proofs I have highlighted above were not on first page alongside the allegation on IAF. Why were these not highlighted and pushed across by Anchors in TV debates? Then it stuck me, TRP and catchy headlines are not in taking sides of Airforce, but they lie in highlighting the controversial statements, they lie in making people fight like cats and dogs on national TV. For print and digital media the numbers that are important are not of terrorists killed but the number of copies sold, or viewership obtained.

As for politicians questioning the strikes, gives them a chance to create confusion amongst the masses , not let BJP run away with the votes, and also be in limelight . Most of them are not anti nationals but just self centred, power hungry group of people for whom nation comes much after power and politics. They are not concerned that Pakistan media is quoting each one of them and using their logic to pull India down. Among this groups are actually “enemies” within who taking full advantage of the situation. Then there are people like Yadurappa and Manoj Tiwari who are trying to gain politically.

Conclusion Its time we mature as a nation. We dont want war, it solves no purpose, but yes we do want more such actions against the terrorists. We need action minus the crap that comes with it.

Media and politicians you represent the country, so be more responsible. You have to think and speak. You have to let go of your petty interests.

Nation comes first, it should, it better.

Feeling better now…………………………………

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