India’s Enemy Within

As a school student, I hated history.
I used to have a genuine innocent question as a student, that why are we expected to study about someone who is not alive today and what difference would it make if I don’t learn about such people? Obviously, except for the marks. I’m sure most of the school students who hate History as a subject would agree with me. Though, no one ever gave me a satisfactory answer to my question, I moved on in life, managing to score decent marks inspite of disliking the subject.

I completed my desired qualification, started working, and life was cool when money started rolling in my hands. My lifestyle changed. Now, working hard during the 5days of the week and partying hard to relieve the stress of the entire week had become a routine. I’m sure most of the youth residing in the metros have more or less similar lifestyle. I being a Bollywood movie lover, watching movies between working weeks and partying weekends with friends, was a cherry topping on the cake.

I must thank some of the recent Bollywood movies like Bajirao Mastani, Padmavat, Manikarnika and the political movie – Accidental Prime Minister, which sowed in the seed of curiosity in me, to know a bit about Indian history. After watching all these movies, I noticed that India beginning with small Kingdoms initially and later as a whole nation post independence, has been consistently suffering from two major problems : First of the Internal Enemy – ‘The Enemy Within’ and Second – Lack of Unity.

In most of the historic stories, the brave Kings and Queens have lost battles against their enemies only because of someone (The Enemy Within) close from their own kingdom, who revealed their critical secrets to the enemy, to cover their own personal interests which were larger than Kingdom’s security or rather I must say at the Kingdom’s cost.

Even after being independent for more than 70 years, the age old problem of The Enemy Within and Minimal Unity still prevails in our nation and is clearly visible when someone from our own nation questions the national security forces or the ruling government whether we really conducted surgical strikes? Whether IAF did air strikes? If yes, then prove it.

Even today, we are easily divided on basis of caste, creed, religion, language, state and so on. Political magazines of this nation don’t feel ashamed to divide the martyred jawans, who gave up their lives for us, on basis of caste, creed and state. Unfortunately, no one in our huge nation thinks this is questionable.

Six to eight years back, I hardly knew anyone who took keen interest in politics. Politics was a two day affair in every five years – in and around elections. Most of the people around were happy to enjoy the official holiday on Election Day, either by going for a day long trip or by enjoying with family and friends rather than voting. In fact, there were many who took pride in sharing that ‘I don’t vote’. Who cares who is elected and what happens to the nation, as long as I get my holiday, was a general trend in the nation. Thanks to our Prime Minister – Mr. Modi for raising the standards of Indian politics where this scenario has changed and I see every common man talking and discussing about the nation today.

Inspite of all this, only after the 49 jawans were martyred in Feb, 2019 and after the long wait for Abhinandan, I could feel the Unity amongst masses, which was reflecting clearly on social media like Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites.

Hope we once again don’t get divided into Gujaratis, Bengalis, Punjabis Maharashtrians, Tamilians, Keralites, Hindus, Muslims, Jains, Sikhs, etc for vote bank politics or to cover someone’s personal interests which may be larger than national interests.

It is easier and simpler to beat the external enemy. The only question remains can we fight The Enemy Within and stay United? Can we be INDIANS?