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AIIMS’s initiative for treatment to opioid addicts

Opioid addiction is a significant problem in India, professor at NDDTC Dr Atul Ambekar said, adding these people require medicines such as methadone or buprenorphine for getting rid of the addiction.

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Mumbai boy, IIT reject, gets Google’s 1.2 crore job

Abdullah Khan (21) , the student of L R Tiwari Engineering College, Mumbai has been offered a 1.2 crore job by google. He has been selected for Google’s London office. Khan was participating in a programming competition, when his profile was checked by Google. Khan said that he has participated in over 150 such competitions and never knew that there

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कभी चले थे घर से — लेखिका प्रेरणा मेहरोत्रा ​​गुप्ता

कभी चले थे घर से, आँखों में लेके सपने।
पीछे छूटे थे, ना जाने मेरे कितने अपने।
कई बार आँखों में भर, यादो के आँसू, हमने खुदका हाथ थामा था।
हमारे इस बदलते रूप का कारण, बन बैठा ये ज़माना था।

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