No international support to Pakistan; intellectuals worry

Husain Haqqani, the former Pakistani Ambassador to the US, has said that It is telling that no country, including China, has spoken out in favour of Pakistan after India’s air strike on a terror camp in the country. Asserting that it was reflective that the world’s patience on terrorist safe havens is running thin.

“Even China called for restraint on both sides instead of supporting Pakistan in protesting India’s violation of Pakistan’s air space,” Mr Haqqani said responding to a question.

“Hyper-nationalist sentiment in Pakistan may not want to recognise it but the world’s patience on terrorist safe havens is running thin and that is not good for Pakistan,” Mr Haqqani added.

Mr Haqqani is presently serving as the Director of South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute think-tank, his latest book is “Reimagining Pakistan: Transforming a Dysfunctional Nuclear State”.

Another Pakistani scholar Moeed Yusuf, who is considered to be close to the establishment, agreed that the global opinion was not with Pakistan.

“Given that global opinion is with India, whether a skirmish occurs in Pakistani or Indian airspace doesn’t matter as much. So Pakistan will do its best to absorb this strike and not escalate,” Moeed Yusuf told PTI.

“Of course, the paradox is that the more successful an Indian strike, the more difficult it is for Pakistan to look the other way,” he said.

Currently, associate vice president of the Asia Center at the US Institute of Peace, a scholar with the US Institute of peace, his latest book “Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments” talks about relationship between the two South Asian nuclear neighbours in the event of terrorist activities from across the border.