Mumbaikar’s plight !!

A poem by Shilpa Nadkarni

A poor man walking through up and down the streets,..

Rushing up high and low to reach his workplace on time,

He saves money and on roadside eats his “treats”

And struggles to get back home in the evening time

Struggling through the traffic, puddles and tolls…

Mumbaikar’s pockets are full of holes paying big fat tolls

or Hanging on the footboards and risking his life

Just to earn his daily bread and spice..

The authorities have made some toll laws,

for the poor man to follow..

the same authorities refuse to support him,

when he does follow,

The local gundas threaten the poor man to pay the toll

whether you are within or beyond the yellow roll….

Mumbai O there anyone to listen to your plight??

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A poem by Shilpa Nadkarni