Health tips — for you..

A lot of people think being overweight is an appearance issue but actually it is a health concern. Being obese or overweight can seriously risk person’s health. It makes you more likely to have medical conditions including High blood pressure, Diabetes, Breathing problems, PCOD and PCOS etc.

The weight loss industry has been feeding many myths to people for years. There are many bizarre diets available which help you to lose weight in short span of time. Personally, I feel it is not healthy in the long run.

Here are some simple and easy tips if you want to lose weight:

1.Know your body structure:

Every person’s body structure and body behaviour is different. What works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. Try to understand your body and then commit to weight loss process. So you should not have unrealistic expectation to get a body like film actress or actor because your body is different.

2.Choose your lifestyle:

Stick to your roots. Our previous generation is much healthier than us. Eat what your mother and grandmother told you to. Choose your lifestyle wisely, you don’t need to be hard on yourself by cutting carbs or sugar from your diet. Eat whatever you like but eat smartly at the proper time and in proper quantity.

3.Pay attention to your stomach:

You should not measure your food in n grams of carbs or protein. No one should tell you how much to eat. Try to listen your stomach,it knows how much is necessary for you. Your stomach alerts you when you need to stop.

4.Consistency is the key:

The most difficult part of the weight loss process is sticking to it. To be a consistent means fully dedicate yourself to a goal. You must have consistency in the diet you are following or exercise. You won’t get your results overnight. You don’t gain 2 kilos in one night, similarly you can’t lose 2 kilos in short time. Have patience.

5.Have your cheat meals:

You don’t need to be hard on yourself or beat yourself to reach the goal. You don’t need to kill your craving every time. Once in a week you should reward yourself with cheat meal. Cheat meals motivates you and gives power to achieve your goal.

6.Burn some calories:

Last but definitely not the least exercise. Whichever form of exercise suits you. Go to the gym or do yoga or go for run or cycle. Do exercise according to your limit. Burn more calories than you consume.