Army rescues stranded 150 tourists in Sikkim; 12 days after rescuing 3000

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

The Indian Army has rescued more than hundreds of tourists Lachung Valley in north Sikkim, just 12 days after it carried out the biggest rescue operation in the state

“In yet another swift humanitarian operation, Indian Army rescued over 150 stranded tourists amidst heavy snowfall in North Sikkim, saving precious lives in sub-zero temperatures,” Colonel SJ Tiwari said in a statement.

The army soldiers reached out to the stranded tourists, most of them from West Bengal, in just four hours. A woman with a fractured hand was given immediate medical care among many others who complained of dizziness, breathlessness and other high altitude related symptoms, said the army statement.

The tourists were provided food, shelter and medical care at the army’s camps.

North Sikkim district collector Karma R Bonpo said the snowfall on Wednesday was unprecedented and cut off the popular tourist destinations in Lachung Valley in a span of two hours. The continuous snowfall sent temperatures crashing below minus 10 degrees Celsius.

“Roads above places like Lachung and Lachen are still closed and the army and the civil administration joined the rescue operation,” Bonpo said.

Though many of the rescued tourists were brought down to places like Gangtok, 42 of them were still with the army till Thursday morning. Vehicles carrying them were stuck because of the snow and the army may keep them for some more time.

On December 28, the army evacuated more than 3,000 stranded tourists from Nathula area above 13,000 ft in the biggest ever rescue operation carried out in Sikkim. They were brought down to 9,000 ft where they spent a night in barracks vacated by the soldiers.

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