Humu is here to make you happy at work

Based in inputs by Shahid

Three former Google employees have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create an app called Humu. This is based on people analytics programmes, to “nudge” individual employees to do actions aiming at improving employees’s satisfaction and promoting  team work.

People analytics programmes is based on results of studies on traits that define great managers and better teamwork.

Their startup, called Humu, uses machine learning to parse through employee data and then ‘nudges’ workers to help them improve in areas that might make their work lives better, according to a report in New York Times.  The ‘nudge engine’ encourages people to make decisions based on what’s best for them and not on what is easiest.

Nudges are delivered to employees via emails or text messages and are expected to motivate employees around small tasks, with the eventual goal of improving the broader organization as a whole.

For example, a manager might be ‘nudged’ to remember to ask members of their team for their input, while an employee might be nudged to come up with questions for their manager.

One of Humu’s customers, the salad chain Sweetgreen, used Humu to determine that a fewer-than-expected number of employees believed they had opportunities to advance their careers at the company. Humu recommended that store managers have individual meetings with staff members to discuss advancement opportunities.

Humu is based in California, and was founded in 2017 and now has 15 companies as its customers.