Organs of Brain-dead woman give life to 5 patients

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

Five patients suffering from end-stage organ failure, got a new lease of life when the family of a 51 year old brain -dead woman gave consent to donate her organs. This was the 52nd organ donation in Mumbai this year.

The donor, a housewife, was admitted to a local nursing home after she suddenly collapsed at her residence. She was later shifted to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Andheri when initial CT scan and other investigations confirmed the woman had suffered a stroke.

“Initial investigations hinted that there was no brain activity and she might have been braindead. The doctors immediately performed two apnea tests — an overnight test that records brain activity, eye movements, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, body movement, and other bodily functions to ascertain the same,” said Rekha Barot, transplant coordinator at the Kokilaben hospital.

As the test confirmed that the woman was brain-dead, the same was communicated to the family which readily agreed to donate her heart, liver, kidneys, cornea and skin. The heart, partial liver and one kidney transplant took place at Kokilaben Hospital for patients suffering from end stage organ failure. The other kidney transplant took place at INH Ashwini Hospital in Colaba and a part of the liver was donated to a paediatric patient from Global Hospital, Parel.

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