No blackouts post April 1st

Power Minister R K Singh has said that India will get uninterrupted power supply from April 1. From this date onward the state distribution companies (DISCOMS) will not be able to resort to “known” blackouts to  avoid buying power. This action would lead to heavy fines. The companies would be exempted if the blackout is due to natural calamities.

The power ministry has confirmed that consumers face black outs till date however the average duration has reduced in big way. As per ministry the blackouts will be the thing of the past.

To prevent losses to Discoms, a scheme called Uday II will come into place to counter issues like losses due to theft and recovery problems. Technology will be used in form of  smart pre-paid metering regime and helping states to change naked overhead wires into aerially bunched insulated wires to stop ‘hooking’ (means of stealing power)

Power minister also talked about pre-paid meters “Pre-paid metering is pro-poor. Right now you are asking the poor person to pay the bill for 30 days at one go. A pre-paid meter enables him to pay in 5 installments, 6 installments, 10 installments, 20 installments. He can pay for two days at a time. If he has Rs 50 he can recharge the amount and enjoy power. Again, if he will not have money he will sort of manage
but when he has money he can recharge again. This allows him to pay as per his financial condition. It is also pro-discom because the discom gets the payment in advance,”

A few sectors such as agriculture will not get 24*7 electricity, for now, because these sectors need limited supply.