Review of Simmba

A super cop movie which is no different from Rohit shetty’s Singham except for the fact that this time the cop is modelled around Lakhan ( Ram Lakhan);The cop is funny and at the same time friendly with all the negative elements of our society and the sole motto of being a cop is to earn money..

The plot is way basic, it revolves around Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba (Ranveer Singh) who is as crooked and corrupt policeman who does not hesitate to make the local ganglord Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) his “bhai from another aai” to ensure a regular inflow of bribes. In between minting money and smashing bones, Simmba falls in love with Shagun (Sara Ali Khan), who runs a catering service next to the Miramar Police Station in Goa, where he is stationed. A series of events happen that become the turning point of Simmba’s life.

Ranveer is wicked as the corrupt cop, and his antics make him lovable even in his mischief. While the action and comedy is on point, the romance angle seems forced. Sara has precious little to do in the film, other than look pretty. The actress is good here, attractive and unusual. I wish she had more to do in the film as I found her way confident as a debutant and she is the next superstar in the making.

Shetty plays at balance, giving decisive roles to female characters — judge, mother, policewomen — in a film that claims to be about rape, but this film is still all musk. Sonu Sood makes for an effective towering villain giving a tough fight to the super cop till he is joined by his idol Singham to encounter him.

Overall a good masala entertainer by Shetty which in the end will give you a glimpse of another super cop joining the series next year. I am sure Shetty is planning his own Justice league soon ( Super cops vs Super villians ) which I guess is a brilliant move and this will set the Box office on fire.

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