1946 a love story; couple reunite after 72 years.

This is a story of a couple that was reunited after 72 years. The couple were separated by destiny even before they could complete 1 year of their marriage. At that time Narayanan Nambiar was nearly 18 years old and Sarada 13.

It was in the beginning of 1946 that the two tied the knot when the struggle against the British was at its peak, and the farmers were uniting for the fight against the feudal lords . Narayanan Nambiar, accompanied by his father Thaliyan Raman Nambiar and hundreds of others gathered on the hill near the house of the local feudal landlord, Karakattidam Nayanar, and their plan was to attack his house the next morning. However before they could execute the operation, the Malabar Special Police (MSP), deployed by the British rulers, took action . Narayan and his father escaped unhurt and went underground. In an attempt to catch them MSP set their house on fire.

Sarada fled while the two were arrested.  For many years there was no news and then it was heard that some of them were shot dead in Salem jail after they were shifted there from Kannur.

“Valliamma (Sarada) had no idea if her husband was alive and she was compelled to marry another man, while Valiyachan (Narayanan Nambiar) also married another woman,” said writer Santha Kavumbayi, niece of Nambiar. Her novel ‘December 30’, is based on the story of Nambiar and his struggles.

Santha came into contact with Sarada’s son, Bharghavan Parassinikkadavu, and planned the reunion. The couple met at Bhargavan’s house in Parassinikkadavu on December 26.

“It was literally an emotional reunion, even though they didn’t talk much. But the warmth within was writ large on their face, when he patted her head and then bid adieu,” said Madhukumar.

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