Naseeruddin Shah and Owaisi give it back to Imran Khan

Naseeruddin Shah and Owaisi have reacted strongly to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan drawing parallels between Naseeruddin Shah’s recent comments to Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s beliefs.

Taking a swipe at BJP-led NDA government in India, Imran had said that he will “show” the Indian government “how to treat minorities”. “I read what Naseeruddin Shah had to say about the current situation of India, what he is saying now, Jinnah said the same all those years ago,” Imran Khan had said.

“I think Mr Khan should be walking the talk in his own country instead of commenting on issues that don’t concern him. We have been a democracy for 70 years and we know how to look after ourselves,” Shah told the newspaper Sunday Express.

Owaisi also reacted on Imran Khan’s jibe and said, it is about time that Pakistan learns something about minority rights and inclusive politics from India. ”

“According to the Pakistani Constitution, only a Muslim is qualified to be President. India has seen multiple Presidents from oppressed communities. It is high time Khan sahab learns something from us about inclusive politics and minority rights,” Owaisi wrote on twitter.

It is to be noted that Pakistan has had a long history of violence and institutional persecution of minorities in the country.

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