Independent or Lonely!!

According to google, independent means not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. Every one of us want to be independent, free from control. To lead and eventually live life the way we always want.

I have always aspire to be accomplished,well earning independent women. I always liked the idea of being independent. To manage all aspects of my life the way I want to. I thought Being independent would make me happy. But there are two sides of a coin.

Being independent is harder for people who are way from their home, those who are trying to achieve careers in different cities, those who are building a whole new life all alone .As much as empowering it is I realize it is immensely lonely.

The independent millennial generation is isolated and lonely. After hectic day at work , social media can not comfort you. You can not cry at your mom for food after very busy day. When you unlock your door, no one is there. When you are sick,there is no one to take care of you.Sometimes being independent is frightening. It is journey that you have complete alone with the feeling of homesickness.

So can we find any good strategies for making yourself less lonely?How can we find a silver lining in this situation? Stay focused and don’t allow negative emotions like envy or guild consume your mind. Work hard to get good sleep. Sleep disorder brings down people’s energy. Don’t overthink,worry less.Find a new hobby. Get rid of social media,spend time with nature.

And most importantly is appreciate those who love you…. Appreciate your parents for unconditional love and always sticking by your side. Appreciate those friends who are just a call away to solve your problem anytime.Appreciate these people for making at least few things better in this socially connected but isolated times.


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