In UAE, Police save girl from Live-streaming Suicide.

Sharjah Police, on basis of a tip-off from Dubai Police, prevented a young girl from committing suicide.
The Dubai Police came into action when they found a message circulating in the social media in which the girl had declared that she would commit suicide at midnight and make a live video of it. They identified the source of the message and contacted the Sharjah Police.Sharjah Police swung into action and reached the girl’s apartment. On reaching they found the girl in her room. Seeing the Police, she got hysterical and started shouting and crying, following which Police gave psychological support and helped calmed her down. Her father had no clue of the daughter’s intention. 

Police said the 16 year old girl, was depressed after being bullied on social media. Trollers had made fun of her photo and passed negative comments while strangers had threatened of rape and murder.

The girl has been advised to remove her posts and social media account.

Colonel Faisal Bin Nasser, Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, said that the cooperation of police authorities in UAE helped avert what would have been a certain tragedy. He urged youth to use their free time constructively, especially during vacations, and not to indulge in acts that may have a negative effect on their lives or others’. He also urged parents to observe their children and their social media accounts.