Review – Zero

Film Review by Rishi Kapoor

The movie is about individuals who are not from the normal league of our society and have their own ups and downs. It has a story with an interesting and inspiring concept that doesn’t hold back with its outrageousness. The issue is with the story in the 2nd half that lacks texture.

Story revolves around Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan) from an affluent family in Meerut who is a vertically-challenged. A 38-year-old, he wears his height (4 feet 6 inches) with aplomb. The world sees him as just ‘half the man’ he is, but the fact remains that Bauua dreams big; his charm, wit and that wee-bit of arrogance make him adorable. Itching to get hitched, he finally meets his ‘match’ in Aafia Bhinder (Anushka Sharma), a brilliant scientist with cerebral palsy.

However, a tryst with India’s superstar, Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif) who is also a lush, sees his first relationship face a big test. The love triangle spread over Meerut, Mumbai and New York actually ends with Bauua landing on Mars! ..

The first half of Zero is brilliant (Hilarious), an unabashed charm-offensive from Rai, Khan and the film’s writer Himanshu Sharma. The dialogues crackle with spontaneity and creativity. The love angle that moves to US and to Mars was little stretched and as the film continues, and gets more fanciful, that the seams start to show. Rai gets caught up in issues characteristic of his cinema. The film threatens to become yet another Romanticism of an obsessive hero who refuses to go away, and to take no for an answer and that’s where story loses its sheen.

The good part is that director Aanand L Rai’s characters never let their physical challenges overpower their spirit and resilience. There’s no rocket science to the fact that Shah Rukh pulls off romantic moments and he does that here with charm and intensity. He is excellent as the short but charismatic Bauua with one of his best comic timings . Katrina Kaif appears in a smaller part, but she totally impresses in the performance of a conflicted Bollywood star, who is also heartbroken.

Sadly, while Anushka Sharma’s character had wonderful potential, the mannerisms employed by the actress to portray the handicap, don’t always look consistent or convincing. This movie is by far the best SRK movie released in the recent past ( way ahead of Dilwale , Happy New Year , Fan and Jab Harry Met Sejal) .

I am not a SRK fan and inspite of some flaw in the script in the 2nd half the movie is still a good one time watch . Watch it for SRK comic timing , hilarious first half , witty dialogues and Katrina Kaif ( she gave her best shot).

By Rishi Kapoor


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