Review – Aquaman

The end product is what matters and in this case it’s really good.

I was little skeptical about the movie even though the trailer was superb since it was directed by master of horror films James Wan but guys trust me it’s a good watch ..

Kudos to the director for giving lease to DC Extended universe , this one is the best DC film since wonder woman ..Living on the surface world and raised by his fisherman father Tom (Morrison) after his Atlantean Queen mother Atlanna (Kidman) is sent back to sea and presumed lost, Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Momoa) is dragged into an impeding conflict between said humans, happily contaminating the ocean, and the Atlanteans, led by Orm (Wilson).

Along with Princess Mera (Heard), Aquaman must find his place beneath the waves if he is to ensure the safety of his people and the people of Earth.

Jason Momoa certainly carries the movie, his rough-edged, badass water warrior is eminently watchable and the scenes without him feel somewhat empty. He oozes cool and his physical presence is certainly impressive. He and Amber Heard have a “who wore it better” duel throughout the movie, plus their chemistry was good too (which always helps…).

Father of Boba Fett and now Aquaman, Temuera Morrison’s dynamic with Nicole Kidman actually provides the backdrop to the entire movie and allows for some quieter, tender moments. Not content with bringing the goods to Creed 2, Dolph Lundgren impresses again and Patrick Wilson…well, he’s having some fun alongside Willem Dafoe. At times, it all feels a bit Flash Gordon/He-Man in tone and the performances of the latter cast members do contribute heavily to this..

Fans looking for some action will be in luck as Aquaman brings it in waves. Aquaman and Black Manta share some exciting fights and there are plenty of others to enjoy..The scale of the film and the ambition of the director not to miss a single opportunity feeds the viewer’s pupil with a dazzling visual or an epic moment of action. To this is added the natural irreverence and humor that Jason Momoa brings to the titular character.

It is possible that we have a dozen actors playing Batman for the next decade, but with this film Momoa manages to completely take over the role of Aquaman, in the same way that Robert Downey Jr. was permanently transformed into Tony Stark about ten years..

A big screen movie and a good watch for the weekend.