Railways to provide EI training to officers to improve its services

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

Indian Railways has chosen Emotional Intelligence (EI) to help senior officials improve service delivery systems in a faster and more decisive way.

“There have been circumstances where officers were not been able to sustain pressure in demanding situations, which impacted decisions,” said a senior Railway Ministry official.

The training is being conducted by globally certified master trainer, Canada’s Multi-Health Systems. The EI course aims to enable officers find solutions to problems in situations where emotions are involved — especially in customer-facing scenarios.

“Studies have shown that leaders with higher emotional intelligence are more effective in their work. Coping with stressful or difficult situations and believing that one can manage or influence situations in a positive manner is the main aim of the EI module,” said a Divisional Railway Manager, who participated in a workshop.

The modules comprise components such as self-perception, self-expression, problem-solving and stress management. It allows participants to deepen their understanding in areas like empathy, flexibility, assertiveness, stress-tolerance and impulse-control, and give them an opportunity for further development.

General Managers have also been empowered to organise EI training for junior officers. The Railways also plans to train its own trainers to conduct similar courses for the young officers joining the national transporter and at various levels of career development.

The railways had earlier adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent signal-failure.


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