BMTC to fund training for 1000 women drivers

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has earmarked around Rs 7.5 crore under the Nirbhaya fund to train 1,000 women in driving buses and light motor vehicles. As of now 115 women from Bangalore have enrolled so far.

Jayanna MB, a BMTC driver-cum-instructor, said: “Once the training is completed, they all will be issued certificates. They will get preference when BMTC recruits drivers. We’re giving intensive professional training to women unlike private driving schools.”

A majority of the trainees have expressed joy on the free course . “It’s not affordable to learn from private schools which charge more than Rs 5,000 to get a LMV licence. BMTC is teaching us free and once I get an LMV licence, I’ll apply for HPV so that I can join BMTC as a driver,” a trainee said.

All those with LMV licence for a year can apply for HPV licence to drive buses. While LMV applicants are being trained on city
roads, HPV applicants are based at the training centre in Vaddarahalli on Magadi Road.

A senior official from BMTC said “We hope there will be more awareness about the
scheme in the coming days. The idea is to attract women drivers who are more sensible and follow traffic rules compared to male drivers,”

This will also help women explore employment opportunities especially in app-based taxis, school vehicles among others and also ensure a safer transport solution for women and children.

Until now Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC)’s 33% reservation plan for women drivers had been just on papers.

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