The Triumph of Benevolence

Written by Riya Bhargava based on inputs by Shahid K

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. What could have been a nightmare turned out to be a heartwarming tale of kindness after one lucky young man was reunited with his lost wallet along with a little surprise tucked inside, a miracle of holiday season.

Couple of weeks earlier, Hunter Shamatt, 20, of Brandon, touched down in Las Vegas for his sister’s wedding. But all his excitement quickly turned into exasperation when he discovered that he had lost his wallet, containing $60 cash, a $400 paycheck, his bank card and most importantly his ID card. He contacted the airlines, but received bad news, and thought it was gone forever. The money could be borrowed, but the main obstacle was boarding a plane without an identification proof. After an hour-long interview, airport security waved him through. A few days later, a holiday season miracle awaited him.

” Hunter, found this on a Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver – row 12, seat F wedged between the seat and the wall. Thought you might want it back. All the best, ” the note, signed only the initials, read. ” P. S. I rounded your cash up to an even $100 so you could celebrate getting your wallet back. Have fun!!!”

Shamatt’s happiness knew no bounds. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. His mother, Jeannie, posted a picture of the note online to track down the stranger, gathering thousands of likes, shares and comments. After some amateur investigation, Todd Brown, a co-worker of Omaha resident was discovered and contacted by Shamatt. ” Sir, I can’t thank you enough. I never expected to see my wallet again, let alone with $40 more. Thank you so much, I’ve got student loans and a truck loan and it makes all the difference.” Jeannie told the press that Todd and his wife cried when they heard about all this.

It is truly said, ” One kind deed can make a difference to someone in great ways”.