#MeToo Age

About a year ago,#metoo movement against sexual abuse began in West. With the support of many powerful women it spread rapidly on American Social Media.During this year,the gutsy movement has arrived in India too.

After decades of established society run by men, our country is finally ready to acknowledge voice of women. One way or the other we have seen a lot times women subjected to sexual harassment or abuse in workplace. Female employees,  in every field have suffered sexual abuse and this has been happening for many years now; some women have spoken about it while some have chosen to be quiet and suffer. Social media has played key role in this movement, getting a lot of attention over last few months. Day after day, a new story comes out, highlighting the scale of the issue.

Growing numbers of women are coming forward and narrating their experiences of sexual abuse or assault by men in power or co-workers. The movement has been on the swing and as a  result a major Bollywood production house has shut down ,a government minister has resigned, and a senior newspaper editor was forced to step down.

#Metoo movement is a global phenomenon.Men could no longer get way with this kind of actions anymore.However some women have taken up this movement as a tool to gain their “5 minutes” of fame. This kind of behavior, dilutes the intensity of the movement, it brings disrepute to those who have suffered and gives an escape route to the culprit.

#metoo has also bought misery and shame to those who have been falsely accused and  I would advice that as responsible citizens we simply need to listen before we react. People’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. We must understand that it is wrong to assume a person guilty without giving him a chance to defend himself. One should listen to both sides of the story and then take a call.

There should be proper investigation; good enough to reveal the truth. The truth that should bring punishment to the culprit and relief to the victim. Because there is nothing more satisfying than justice delivered and there is no redemption for someone falsely accused.

Hopefully #metoo brings opportunities for positive change and a world without abuse.