Aligarh Muslim University will have girl’s hockey team after almost 100 years

Article based on inputs by Shahid K

After almost 100 years, Aligarh Muslim University, is due to create history as it is set to have its own girl’s hockey team for the first time, since 1920.

If things go as planned and team is ready, they could well be playing their first game in an inter-school tournament in February next year.

“Playing hockey was never on my mind until one day my brother told me that a girls’ hockey team was being formed. I decided to try it out and now am enjoying it very much,” said Naseem who is one of the recruits of the university and a part of the team.

Razia Rizvi, deputy director, physical education at AMU’s women’s college said “After eight years of effort, when nothing happened, I decided to drop the idea,”. She also talked about shortage of funds and negligible support from university authorities as tehy were uncomfortable with the idea of women playing a ‘man’s sport’

“This is a great beginning for women’s hockey and, in particular, Muslim girls to get a chance to play the game. It will open many doors for them,” said Aslam Sher Khan who was one of the greatest Indian hockey players of the 80s.

The juniors have now inspired seniors in showing interest in playing the sport.

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