Sikkim Goes fully Organic! CM gives pensions to Organic farmers.

Written by Riya Bhargava based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

As global temperatures rise, and weather patterns become more erratic, it is important to understand the role agriculture plays in mitigating global warming. Organic farming might just be the best way to fight and even reverse the adverse effects of this abomination. Extensively in support of this practice, Sikkim Chief Minister, Pawan Kumar Chamling announced a monthly pension of  ₹1000 for farmers engaged in organic farming in the state, making Sikkim the first fully organic state in the country.

On a 32-day tour of the Himalayan state, Chamling has encouraged such practices and asked the youth to take up innovative enterprises based on organic farming. Taking this very seriously, his government has banned sale and consumption of non organic agriculture and horticulture products like cereals, vegetables, spices and fruits. Chamling has also requested officers to take up organic vegetable cultivation as a hobby and in turn bringing qualitative changes in their lives.

Apart from helping in maintaining environmental health by reducing the level of pollution, organic farming also reduces human and animal health hazards by reducing the level of residues in the product.

The chief minister has said that the measure was a small contribution of the people of Sikkim to tackle challenges of global warming and climate change. “Our government believes in coming to the people to understand their problems and fulfil their needs and is mentally interconnected with the ordinary people,” he added.

Being an organic farmer is not an easy job. However, it brings some special value and opens new possibilities in achieving sustainable life. We should all open our minds to nature and give our full support to those undertaking this wonderful path!