Train 18 – is now India’s fastest train

During its trials, Train 18 reached speeds of 180 km/h (110 mph), the highest speed any train in India has reached. It shares that distinction with a train manufactured by Spanish company Talgo that has also tested trains on Indian tracks.

Train 18 is a semi high speed, self propelled engine-less train, designed and built bu ICF (Integral Coach factory) Chennai. The train was created as part of Indian government’s, “Make in India” initiative. At the original price, it is estimated to be 40% less costly than a similar train imported from Europe.The train is planned to begin service in December 2018, by which a second unit will have been produced and readied for service.

Once fully operational, Train 18 is expected to overtake India’s fastest premium train Shatabdi Express. It is capable of running at a high speed of 200 kilometres per hour given the right infrastructure to support its speed.

The train has following features

  • The locally-manufactured train expects to have significant energy savings, thanks to its “advanced regenerative braking system.”
  • Apart from saving energy, it will also block unwanted noise and pollution through its sealed gangways
  • It will have a climate control system which can adjust temperatures according to occupancy and weather.
  • The train will have on-board WIFI and GPS-based information system
  • The will have convenient boarding and out-boarding due to automatic doors and sliding footsteps. This is India’s second train after Tejas Express.

Railway minister Piyush Goyal said in his tweet  “the stability of water bottles at this speed is testament to the quality of workmanship and design of our engineers,”

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