Review 2.0

The best 3D movie experience so far in Indian cinema with mind blowing visual effects that’s what defines the latest offering from the visionary director Shankar ..

The first sci-fic experience in Indian cinema was 8 years back when shankar conceptualized Robot (Akka Chitti) which was set in a world of artificial-intelligence, but what Shankar truly cracked was a way forward for his mythically outsized leading man: Rajinikanth played bearded and mild-mannered scientist Vasigaran, while all the punches and punchlines were saved for Chitti the Robot, his clean-shaven and highly superhuman alter-ego…

In this sequel 2.0, the battle is potentially fascinating: This film pits Rajinikanth versus the phones that give him the power he holds, via memes and ringtones and hashtags.Except the villain we get is a bit of a birdbrain: an ornithologist (Akshay kumar) who, angered by the injustice we do to birds with the radiation from our cellular phone towers, uses thousands of disembodied cellphones to create an… angry bird..

Rajinikanth’s performance and presence dominates the narrative. Shankar’s screenplay gives fans of the superstar plenty of moments to cheer for, especially with the fact that there are not one or two, but three iterations of his robotic character Chitti. Not just that, even the one-liners in the movie and the reference to Rajini’s numero uno status gives the fans plenty to cheer for.Akshay Kumar also gives a solid performance as the antagonist, especially in the flashback that reveals his character’s ornithology background. The presence of these two superstars is one of the main reasons why 2.0 feels like a grand, big-ticket movie..

This film does a lot, visually, and the idea of wriggling phones moving in the same direction is suitably creepy. Visual works and it’s quite impressive..The story is predictable and bit stretched post the intermission ..

Shankar’s films are always grand in nature and they are laden with social messages for the society. In 2.0, it is about how humans misuse technology and make the world unfit for other living beings.

2.0 is a film that should be watched for its sheer scale and grandeur and of course Thalaiva

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