Lucknow is now ‘Saubhagyashali

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is now declared a ‘Saubhagyashali district’ . This is done after Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration (LESA) has completed target of electrifying its revenue villages and ‘majras’ (hamlets),

“The ‘Saubhagya scheme’ was launched to light up all revenue villages and majras of the
district. According to the survey conducted by the Madhyanchal Vidyut Viitaran Nigam
Limited, around 83,000 houses in 808 revenue villages and 2,100 majras were to be electrified. However  Madhyanchal has achieved its target one month in advance.

The General manager LESA said “We have made it possible through their dedication
and hard work. Our aim is to provide 20 hours of electricity supply in rural areas and 24 hours in city areas. “. “All villages under Saubhagya scheme will receive metered supply” he added.

The Council On Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), one of South Asia’s leading “not for profit” policy research institutions, released its research publication, named ‘Access to Clean Cooking Energy and Electricity: Survey of States’ (ACCESS 2018) .  The study mentioned an almost threefold increase in grid electricity as the primary source of lighting in India since 2015. It also highlighted that the proportion of rural households using kerosene as the primary source of lighting had reduced from 72% to 30% over the last three years.

The study credited government schemes, including Saubhagya and Ujjwala, as having
played an important role in improving energy access in the country and in Uttar Pradesh.


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