Often I wonder will I ever be able to live just like old times?

When I was little, during our summer holidays, we used to visit my grandmother’s place. Some of us had to sleep in the terrace, because we have a large family. Whenever I wasn’t able to sleep my brother used to tell me “Count stars and you will slowly fall asleep”.

I don’t remember the last time when I counted stars or worse I don’t even remember the last time I have seen stars in the city. Well that’s the thing about past, remembering it sometimes makes me sad because we can’t experience those things now. We crave for past, and want the things to be same as they were in past.

As much as we miss our past, we are way too afraid of future. We really don’t have the patience to wait for things destined for us. When will I get my dream job?When will I find my soulmate? When will I find my passion? We can never get answers to these questions right now. We have to stop worrying for the future. Simply because it is not in our hands.

While worrying about the future and getting nostalgic about the past, we tend to forget Present and don’t pay much attention to it . Obviously it is not as familiar as past and it may not be the fulfilling future that we want. The fact about present is that it is little unsatisfying. However it doesn’t mean it is not important. We need to remember that this all we have right now. If we don’t enjoy the present, then it will become bad memory for future, and at some point of your life we wanted to have a life which we are living in the present, this the future we hoped for in past.

So may be present is not same as imagined for us, truth is we can’t live in past and we can not fear future. Present is all we have in the exact moment. Stop waiting for what’s next or what’s gone. Spend more time in living your life. Because you might not have ‘today” tomorrow.