Review – Badhai Ho

It’s a situational comedy based on a concept that can lead to funny moments. It tackles the tricky subject of middle-age pregnancy. How it affects the whole family, especially two grown up sons, forms the crux of the story.

Nakul (Ayushmann) is embarrassed and even a little annoyed with his parents because they are about to have a baby in their old age. In other words, just when he is thinking of settling down with Reene (Sanya Malhotra), his parents — Jitendra (Gajraj Rao) and Priyamvadha (Neena Gupta) throw a bomb at him about the arrival of his sibling.

The film captures the little, seemingly invincible conflicts of a middle class family very well. Badhaai Ho does a fine job of depicting middle class self-righteousness when it comes to matters of sex and its hypocrisies in putting the mother on the pedestal.

With warm vibes, tight screenplay and pithy dialogues that entertain and a posse of dependable actors the movie sails through.Unlike other movies the supporting cast in the movie has got the right footage,Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao are in focus in this novel and progressive story. Moreover, their romantic moments have been captured interestingly too.

The performances are first-rate. Ayushmann is been excelling with each role he has played so far , he was excellent with his expressions and dialogue delivery. for Surekha Sekhri, well, she is lively and first-rate. Even Shardul as Gullar complements.As for Sanya, her Reene shows spunk and restraint in equal measure. she looks pretty unlike her role in pattakha. Amit Ravinderanath sharma who debuted with a flop ( Tevar) is in full form with this movie.

Overall the movie is simple and entertaining.

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