Hover Taxis to be tested soon.

Test flights of a driverless hover-taxi will take place in Singapore next year, a German aviation firm Volocopter said. This will provide great relief to massive traffic jams that are so common in the area.

The Volocopter electric air taxi takes off and lands vertically and can carry two passengers for around 30 kilometres (19 miles).

The test flights would be conducted in Singapore during the second half of next year with the support of the government. The hover taxi was pot under a public demonstration in Dubai last year.

Volocopter will set up a product design and engineering centre in Singapore to support its expansion plans. The plans are in place to roll out the first fixed routes in cities.

Resembling a helicopter, Volocopter’s electric air taxis take off and land vertically. They are based on drone technology and can fly two people for around 30 kilometres (19 miles), the firm said in a statement. “The Volocopter is designed specifically for inner city missions, and it can withstand minor turbulence around skyscrapers, allowing for smooth rides.” Volocopter said in a statement, adding i “It is so quiet that at a flight height of 100 metres (330 feet), it cannot be heard over the typical background noise of a city.”

A company spokeswoman said the Volocopter can be controlled by a pilot using a joystick, or remotely from the ground.

The hover-taxis will run side by side the helicopter-hailing services which are running in some cities to beat traffic jams.