One Lonely Sunday Evening

The sun has just gone down for the day.

I realised today the river I see from my 16th floor balcony has a different colour. It looks like stale milk coffee, but the water levels seem slightly higher than usual. I wonder if it rained in south Jakarta, the water usually flows here whenever it does, I have noticed.

The prayer call for evening from a distant mosque is loud but a bit unclear. I wonder if it’s because of my little knowledge of language or the cheap loud speakers.

There is a constant to and fro of two wheelers on this side of the road. I wonder where these people are going. An aeroplane takes off from distant airport and flies over my apartment. The sky is not so clear these days I noticed. I see clouds scattered at a distance, not black yet but soon the rains will start. I wonder if I will still be able to sit here with my chin resting on the balcony wall when it does.

The lights have started glowing slowly. The distant building with rectangular glaring light is ablaze too. The weekend is about to get over and I did not even feel it had been a weekend.

Just when I thought the sun was set, the sky shows a bright glowing orange patch in an arc shape centered around where sun was set behind the clouds. My mood is uplifted to see it.

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