First day beyond 40

More often than not, the first day, post the 40th birthday brings in introspection. The mind wanders across decades and remembers all the lessons that were learnt the hard way, ups and downs, memories good and bad, success and failure, decisions right and wrong, what if this… what if that… etc. The Flood of emotions take over, some thoughts bring a shiver to the spine, some bring smiles, loved ones are thought of and those dead remembered.

Being in forty, implies you are in the middle of your journey. You realize that physically you can’t be what you were 20 years earlier, you are also scared of imagining yourself 20 years beyond. There is anxiety and fear. You try to come to terms with the fact that there are dreams unfulfilled, uninitiated plans and “miles to go before you sleep”

Having gone through “first day @ 40” phase myself, I have some learning to share, the ones that I learnt the hardest.
Here goes

  1. Father is always right – This is one lesson life teaches you many times, but this is hardest to learn. Mothers are loving and forgiving, but fathers are “realists”, they will always say the truth, and there is a reason why we don’t listen to them. Truth can be bitter, and we are not mature enough to digest that.
  2. Credit card can buy happiness, but only temporarily – You can buy whatever you can, the world is under your feet, just a swipe… All this goes for a toss when the lady on the other side of phone says “Sir you have to make a payment by end of the day, else we will have to take action”.
  3. Dreams can wait – Dreams can easily be nightmares, if you hurry into things, let the time come, be patient. Life is not a T20 game its a test match. Only players who play according to situation survive and get to fulfill their dreams.
  4. Respect Women 
  5. Don’t run after girls – Be a man, not a dog. Remember dogs never get the car, even after running after them. Don’t make a fool of yourself, don’t rush into relationships. Someone would come looking for you. (if she doesn’t, your parents will go looking for her). You don’t find love, love finds you.
  6. Don’t be a fake – Be who you are, people who pretend to be what they are not often hurt themselves.
  7. You can cry, you can be sensitive – It does not make you a lesser man.
  8. Save — Don’t save for a rainy day, save for unexpected expenditures. They hit you just when you think you are financially stable.
  9. Love yourself first — If you really love your family and friends, then start loving yourself too. You will be able to take good care of them only if you yourself are fit and fine.
  10. Never hurt a true friend — True friends are GOD’s gifts. Never take them for granted, never hurt them and never let go of them… Remember, one moment of madness can ruin everything, forever. Trust me, you can try as much as you want to, but you cannot win a true friend back…

Hope this helps.