Review – Bazaar

If you dream to make it big then to what extend you can go ? Does the business run on Maths or emotions ? ..

Story of Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra), an Allahabad-based share consultant who idolises Mumbai business magnate Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan). Aspiring to work with his ‘guru’, he heads to the city of dreams. And before he knows it, he’s sucked into the manipulation and machination of the money game..

There is nothing new about the concept,similar stories has been presented in the past ( Bas Itna sa Khaab hai & shikhar) but the treatment is sleek and different and the credit goes to the debutant director Gaurav Chawla by giving the film a feel of a thriller..

Saif ali Khan is apt for the role of the business magnet Shakun kothari and is impressively authoritative as a ruthless Gujarati manipulator. Debutant actor Rohan Mehra ( son of late Vinod Mehra) is impressive. Radhika Apte is good as his senior colleague Priya Rai. Chitrangda Singh lends due support as Shakun’s wife Mandira Parekh-Kothari.

The move holds attention till the end inspite of 2 hr 20 mins run time because of good screenplay.Everyone at work in the movie is clearly inspired by Oliver Stone’s The Wall Street (1987) however has it;s own story.

Movie will not go well with the masses. But it’s a good one time watch.

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