Indian researchers use AI for survillance “without” using face recognition

Based on inputs by Shahid

A team of Indian researchers have created a tool that can find people in CCTV footage by searching for their clothing, height and gender. This tool would work on an algorithm that would help search and filter the surveillance footage.

In simpler words, AI algorithm can find you in CCTV footage without using face recognition

At the moment, surveillance footage must be searched manually to find a person based on soft biometrics (common descriptors like clothing and gender ).

The team used deep learning – which goes beyond machine learning (where patterns are set into algorithms and require supervision) by incorporating ‘self-learning’- to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) to recognize soft biometrics using computer vision.

According to the study, the algorithm correctly identified “28 persons out of 41 in a very challenging dataset with soft biometric attributes.” The researchers say that, with some minor tweaks, accuracy could be improved substantially.

The new technology could be crucial in finding missing persons and dangerous criminals.