Life @9to6

Written by Dancing Breeze

Hello all! This is my very first attempt with writing though I am an ardent reader but writing is quite a different space. OK.. so now I have started writing but what should I start with? Penning down your thoughts is very much like having a conversation with yourself. I am thinking aloud for topics and then I find my 15 inch monitor staring back at me. So that’s it I am at work and let that be my first topic.. And let me bore you with some insanity around this place. So please bear with me for a while. Oh but yes you have an option of not continuing to read too and I guess I won’t feel bad unless you let me know about it.. :D..

Your guesses could be correct and I am not so boring (hmm) software engineer stuck in a boring job of coding. Staring at the large monitors with hazing eyes on a Monday morning!! (Yawn). Are Mondays really that bad I ask and here I see lot of work pending; piled up in my emails; some of them of which I have no clue why and what I did on Friday. And my phone rings and I see my wide eyed manager ready to ask status with the perfect polite formal smile ; thanks to video calling technology you can’t even hide your emotions. Back of my mind I have already started cursing him since my day has just begun and how do I explain I was in a state of hysteria up until you called me. Then I see a couple of formally well-dressed folks with variety of colors on skin and hair with a cup of coffee chit chatting near the vending machine, looking so relaxed and happy. And I turn to my right to look for my friend with specs glaring at her monitor and hurriedly typing. You are definitely recognized here for the kind of people you hang out with, but my mom had told me when I was kid “Don’t go for looks it doesn’t matter”.. Don’t know how much it matters in our industry anyways. The vending machine is brewing out more than usual number of cups today being Monday, it’s over booked like many of us with no clue why?

Slowly the chitter chatter voices become consistent around and so does the knocking of keys on key board. Few people are so busy typing that they seldom look up from the screen even when the sky seems to be falling, it doesn’t matter till you check in your code and keep it safe; no matter you are dying (if you are programmer you will relate to this). The same thing happens when we have a fire drill, people save their work before running out of the building, the work matters more than life. And this patriotism grows more on 29th of each month when a sweet message is displayed on your phone and your bank account swells. When the long wait for the month ends…

Coming back there is this group besides me who are always on time for lunch with their standard Tupperware boxes hanging around with pride on their arms. Each one eager to know what’s in store in others tiffin. Come to the canteen and there is variety of aromas around and finally when I open my tiffin, I promise myself to get up 30 mins earlier tomorrow and cook better meals, buy paneer today instead of aloo while going home. There are people who have 3 sets of tiffin and I feel jealous looking at their chole chapatti, dal and rice who can actually work after eating this 3 course meals?? The long queue gears up for badi-shop(mukhwaas) line where people like me want to forget the taste of what I had just now for lunch. Well my lunch is not that bad after all, it serves the purpose of keeping me alive and healthy

3:30 pm and you see people with tea cups and the vending machine starts again; reminding you its half a day done particularly for a lazy Monday. But all your wishes come to an end with one phone call from your polite manager who has identified you for his next mission. Cursing again but being diligent I accept the request and stare back at my screen thinking about the rest of the day ahead of me.