Women in India

In modern India, women have held high offices including that of the president, prime minister, speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chief ministers and Governors. Our constitution gives Women right to equality, dignity and freedom from discrimination. The question that arises is whether we the women really have equality or dignity or freedom in our country? Unfortunately No, to very large extent lives of women in our country is controlled and decided by not just men in their lives but society also.

Most of the girls start their careers at the age of 22 or 23 right after graduation, to become financially independent. Every girl has dreams about her future, things which she has planned for herself. But do they have any meaning? According to society by the age of 24 or 25 girls should get married and start family. Just because she is a girl the only factor should be taken into consideration for her marriage is age, not her dreams, not her career and certainly not her opinion. Why can’t a girl be married when she is actually ready to take a responsibility of marriage and when she has found a man who is willing to work with her as a team.

The worth of civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society. We ,women, over the years have faced society’s judgement and criticism for absolutely everything we do. With the age of social media body shaming and beauty shaming has been increased tremendously. Women are judged for being too thin or too fat. Women with dark skin tone should use fairness creams or should get treatment and at the same time we worship goddess kali. God has made each one of us with equal love. Every person is different, every person has something special then why should we pick such things about a person and make them feel unworthy or not beautiful. We are democratic country and social media allows us to put our view to the world but shouldn’t we spread happiness and optimism rather spreading hatred for people. Can’t we just accept each other the way we are? Can’t we just be okay with each other’s flaws knowing that we also have some?

In Many industries, women employees are still considered less than men and eventually taken advantage of. #Metoo and #timeup which had earlier started out in west but has now come to India as well. It’s so great to see many women speaking their stories and many men supporting it. I think it is very important for every person to teach their child the importance of equality. My parents never consider me less than my brother. Can’t we just teach our children to be equal? Can’t we teach our children to respect each other as human beings irrespective of the gender?

Women of India is not asking much. We just want freedom. Freedom to lead the life the way we want to. Not controlled by any other person. We just want equality so that we can stand by men and empower each other, help each other and support each other. We want safe streets, cities, eventually country so that we won’t have live our life with fear of our people. I am not going to blame only men by saying there is male dominance in our country. There are many times I have seen women who don’t support women. If we really want to achieve equality with our male counterparts then it needs to begin with us. Women need to support each other. Let’s not take this as men VS women or vice versa but let’s treat everyone person whether women or men with respect and kindness .

Let’s be human with each other.

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